Geotech Units


GEOTECH units have the latest 3D Ground Penetrating Radars for mapping and soil testing capabilities.  The technical team use Mala HDR pro Ground Penetrating Radar equipment to complement their extensive range of locating, surveying and geo-technical tools.  The Mala easy locator and ground explorer pro’s are faster, more accurate and offer higher resolution and significantly better depth of penetration than most others.  This results in outstanding data quality, making interpretations easier and more accurate.  Together with the built in GPS and Mala Object Mapper software, it is the most effective GPR mapping solution currently available.  There are three different types of GPR radar available depending on the specifics of the job requirements.

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In addition to providing the above, we specialize in a large number of professional industry services.  They include; Geotechnical Investigation, Engineering, Pipe and Cable LocationCCTV Inspection, Liquid and Solid Waste Disposal, Vacuum Loading, Industrial Marine Services, Road SweepingEmergency Response/Spills, Drain Cleaning/Culvert Cleaning and Vacuum Excavation/Non Destructive Digging.  These services complement each other and provide our clients with a convenient ‘Whole of Service’ solution.

Please call and speak with one of our friendly members of staff on 1300 HYDROVAC (1300 493 768). Alternatively, you can send an email or submit an enquiry form online. Our services are available throughout Queensland and NSW, if you fall outside these areas please call 1300 493 768 to find out how we can assist you.