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Condabri to Curtis Island3rd March 2015

Principal: MCJV

Project Location: Condabri, Queensland

Completion Date: September 2012

Project Scope: PUP Investigation – To undertake an investigation of existing utility services along the pipeline corridor

Challenges: The terrain proved to be tough on the gear; we upgraded our vacuum excavation trucks to 4 x 4 units and a trailer vacuum excavation unit to enable us to access some difficult areas. No DBYD plans in some areas so we also had to use a combination of Ground Penetrating Radar/Survey and Electronic detection.  This was aimed at improving efficiency and also identifying utility services that were not shown on any DBYD or project plans.  As well as difficulty of access and rough terrain, we encountered rocky shale soil conditions, large rocks and tough compacted soil.

Aussie Hydrovac Services

Equipment Used:  This work was completed using our diverse capability with units varying from state of the art industry exclusive Cappellotto and our purposely designed and built 6 x 6 units with capacity of 8 tonnes of debris through to smaller units for limited access with capacity of 3 tonnes of debris.  This diversity was necessary due to the extreme conditions.

Highlights: All site works were completed in September with all site cleaned up and rehabilitated.  A summary of all site works detailing utility services identified with their configuration were supplied to the satisfaction of the client.