Latest Projects

Contaminated Land Remediation3rd February 2017

Principle:  Roadtek (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

Project Location:  Undisclosed

Completion Date:  January 2017

Project Scope:  Environmental Analysis, Environmental Design, Geotechnical Investigation, Geotechnical Design Input, Civil Design Recommendations, Catchment Drainage Review and Calculations, Erosion and Sediment Control Design and Implementation, Project Management.

Challenges:  A baseline environmental assessment was undertaken and recommendations to remediate contaminated land site were given.  Comprehensive site survey was undertaken including the use of aerial drones.  Groundwater monitoring and sampling of the entire site was achieved, including noxious flora survey providing additional remediation advice.

Highlights:  All works were completed in accordance with the Principals scope enabling the site to be de-registered from the contaminated land registry.  This opened up the site for possible use in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2018.