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GCLR Stage 2 – Southern Section PUP Investigation3rd October 2015

Principal: TMR

Project Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Completion Date: September 2015

Project Scope: To undertake an investigation of existing utility services for a proposed route of the southern section of Stage 2 of the Gold Coast Light Rail

Challenges: The PUP investigation adopted a two stage process with the initial stage requiring cable locating and GPR and also pothole and strip trench locating. Undertaking the initial stage aimed at improving efficiency and also identifying utility services that were not shown on the provided project plans.  It was evident from undertaking this process that hydro excavation via potholing with some strip trenches would be required.  Strip trenches were a necessity due to the number of utility services in each location and the small amount of separation between the utility services.  By undertaking strip trench methodology a larger area was investigated therefore providing a more detailed investigation.

Equipment Used:  This work was completed using our diverse capability with units varying from state of the art industry exclusive Cappellotto and 6 x 6 units with capacity of 8 tonnes of debris through to smaller units for limited access with capacity of 3 tonnes of debris.  This diversity was required due to the difficulty of access to locations, the types of materials excavated and insitu soil conditions.

Highlights:  All site works were completed in September with all site cleaned up and rehabilitated.  A summary of all site works detailing utility services identified with their configuration were supplied to the satisfied client.