Aussie HydroVac Services

We are confident that we have the resources and expertise to safely, productively and proactively complete your project. Our Corporate ideals are based on safety, reliability and sustainability and we are committed to delivering customer focused solutions, quality of service and value for money. These standards are reflected in the company’s approach to its diverse range of customers across a broad range of industry sectors.

We operate under several key business drivers:

  1. Staff retention and attraction by promoting Great Team Morale.

  2. Working together to deliver the desired objectives;

  3. Efficient and effective contract management;

  4. Reduction in risk

  5. Offering the latest Plant and Equipment available to the market

  6. Maintaining overall transparency of our operations;

  7. Environmentally responsible service delivery;

  8. Zero harm through establishment and maintaining safe working procedures.


AHS is regarded as an up and coming innovator in the industry with a strong reputation as a ‘can do’ service provider in Hydro Excavation, Public Utilities Planning, Geotechnical Assessment, Service Locations, Liquid Waste Recovery, Drain Cleaning and other forms of beneficial Industrial Services. Our highly trained staff are backed with the resources and most advanced technologies to deliver the appropriate solution every time no matter the size of your business or the specialised services that may be required.

We look forward to working with you.