Engineering Services


Aussie Hydrovac Services (AHS) is one of the largest integrated service providers in Australia with diverse operations across engineering, surveying, PUP (Public Utility Planning), Traffic, Hydrovac and Geotechnical services.

Our solution focused business strategy is built on having up to date quality compliant equipment, competent trained staff and safe work practices.  This has allowed us to build a reputation for timely response to clients needs with innovative service delivery.

Value add services

Our commitment to providing multi service value added processes for civil engineering projects enable us to be industry leaders in the provision of a whole of service solution without the added cost of third party intervention of a Consultant.  This provides value add in client scope clarification and best for project outcome education which also results in a financial value add by negating the payment of unnecessary intervening parties.

Solution Based Services

Providing practical and forward thinking solution based services has allowed AHS to operate in Queensland and NSW for over a decade, developing enduring client relationships with repeat service provision across both the government and Private sectors.

Central to our clients’ success and AHS’ sustainability are the quality of thought and project delivery of our engineers, project managers, designers, technicians as well our environmental and geotechnical specialists and support staff. Our demonstrated engineering, design and project management expertise has a track record of superior performance honed through years of successful individual and integrated delivery of critical preliminary, emergency, remedial and maintenance work packages.

The range of services that complete our Whole of Service Solution are as follows; non-destructive excavations ,CCTV drain surveys,  geotechnical testing services and liquid waste disposal. Please give us a call about your requirements to see how we can help.