Cable and Pipe Location


Professional Underground Pipe and Cable Locator Services

Before any excavation it is essential to find out exactly what lies beneath the surface. Primarily, this is a safety concern but the results will also determine what type of digging methods to employ in order to excavate and preserve the existing utilities.

AHS operators provide underground pipe and cable location using the latest electronic utility location services equipment. The sourced information is passed on to our clients who can use it as records management, excavation planning, works projects preparations or infrastructure development.

Knowledge of existing underground assets assists with hydro excavation; a range of nozzle choices are available that are designed for high pressure jetting based on the material that’s being excavated.  Accurate knowledge of underground utilities allows for careful preservation through precise excavation.

PUP Public Utility Planning & SUI Subsurface Utility Investigation

Aussie Hydrovac Services combine the principles of civil and utility engineering, utility asset and asset management along with geophysics and utility locating techniques. As a result, we are able to provide a ‘one stop shop’ approach for Public Utility Planning (PUP) geotechnical and industrial services.

In addition to using the latest location methods and technologies, our operators are trained to adhere to industry standards and guidelines and are Telstra-accredited and trained in confined space regulations. AHS has a successful method of identifying, collating and coordinating PUP to mitigate and solve potential conflicts at all stages of a project lifecycle in accordance with AS5488-2013. We liaise with all parties involved, from initial investigations, through to authority approvals, procurement and construction, supervision and handover.

Backed by these resources, we are confident that we can deliver an appropriate solution on time for your project, no matter the size or location.

Our range of industry services available

In addition to the services above we also offer a range of other industrial services which are as follows; non-destructive excavations ,CCTV drain surveys,  geotechnical testing services and liquid waste disposal. Please give us a call about your requirements and see how we can help.

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Pre-Investigation Planning
(Project Scoping, Utility Search, Safety Risk Management, Traffic Management Plan, Permits)
Search Investigate Plan Implement
How? How? How? How?
Anecdotal evidence Surface Feature Survey Electronic Detection Positive Identification
Application? Application? Application? Application?
Conceptual Preliminary Design Development Detailed Design/As Con
Equipment? Equipment? Equipment? Equipment?
Desktop GPS, CCTV, Drain cleaning Cable locating Non Destructive Digging
GPR, GPS Pothole/GPS
Surface Reinstatement
Confidence? Confidence? Confidence? Confidence?
10% Horiz/0% Vert. 30% Horiz/0% Vert. 80% Horiz/50% Vert. 95% Horiz/95% Vert.
Accuracy? Accuracy? Accuracy? Accuracy?
Evidence of existence Mapped surface features Confirmed 2d depiction Accurate 3d depiction
Result? Result? Result? Result?
Utility searches Conflict matrix Identify risk Rate risk
Site sketches Generic corridor widths conflict strategy Action conflict strategy
2d alignments coordination strategy Action coordination strategy
2d/3d alignments 3d alignments
Reporting to suit any stage of a project lifecycle
(Formal Report, Drawings, Attributes/Metadata, AutoCAD and 12d formats)