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    Geotechnical Testing Services

    There are many different reasons for requiring information and data pertaining to soil and rock properties. For example, a geotechnical investigation must take place prior to foundations being laid for any building work. This determines its suitability for the structure.  AHS geotechnical and pavement investigation services are able to provide numerous solutions for the investigation subsurface ground conditions as well as sampling and testing to establish materials properties and characteristics.

    Our geotechnical testing service includes:

    Our operators are experts in their field, being fully trained and backed by many years experience, and they have the most advanced equipment and technology at their disposal ensuring the highest level of service with accuracy of findings guaranteed. If you require a geotechnical testing service, Aussie Hydrovac can help you.

    Our Geotechnical Testing Service

    Geotechnical testing services such as the ones that we provide are a critical aspect of civil engineering and construction projects. They involve the systematic evaluation and analysis of soil, rock, and other subsurface materials to determine their physical properties, composition, and engineering behaviour. The information obtained through geotechnical testing is invaluable in making informed decisions during the planning, design, and construction phases of infrastructure projects, ensuring their safety, stability, and longevity.

    Our geotechnical testing services encompass a wide range of techniques and methods, each designed to provide specific data relevant to the project at hand. Some common types of geotechnical tests and services include:

    In conclusion, geotechnical testing services are essential for ensuring the safety and stability of structures, as well as for optimising the design and construction processes. The data obtained from these tests aid in foundation design, slope stability analysis, retaining wall design, and the selection of construction materials. Geotechnical engineers work closely with other professionals, such as structural engineers and architects, to integrate the findings from these tests into the overall project design. Ultimately, geotechnical testing services are an indispensable component of any construction or infrastructure development endeavour, providing the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with subsurface conditions.

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