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Engineering & Construction Survey

Our team has over 20 years experience providing engineering surveying services to the building and construction industry.

We have been an integral service provider in many major development and infrastructure projects and provide the following services.

Our general services and capabilities in this area include but are not limited to the following:

Laser Scanning

We specialise in the provision of immediate laser scanning and post processing services to facilitate a range of industries and projects.

Our Survey team is able to capture a comprehensive data set almost instantaneously, reducing operational down time, improving safety and optimising cost effectiveness. Our Laser Scanning System has the experience and capability to deliver the following services:

Once all data is captured, our teams register and model the data and produce a range of customised deliverables to suit specific client requirements.

The Importance Of Construction Site Surveying

Construction site surveying plays important role in the successful execution of construction projects. It involves the precise measurement, mapping, and analysis of a construction site’s topography, boundaries, and existing features.

The importance of construction site surveying can be summarised as follows:

Site Analysis: Surveyors collect data about the site’s existing conditions, including natural features, such as terrain, water bodies, and vegetation, as well as man-made elements, like buildings and utilities.

Design and Planning: Survey data forms the basis for project design, helping architects and engineers make informed decisions about site layout, grading, drainage, and infrastructure placement.

Accuracy: Surveying ensures that structures are built on a solid foundation, preventing issues like settling, structural instability, or flooding.

Property Boundaries: Surveying helps establish and confirm property boundaries, preventing legal disputes over land ownership and encroachments during or after construction.

Regulatory Compliance: Many construction projects are subject to zoning and building regulations. Survey data is crucial for compliance with these regulations and obtaining necessary permits.

Cost Control: Effective surveying helps identify potential challenges early in the project, enabling cost-effective solutions and preventing unexpected costs due to design changes or construction issues.

In conclusion, construction site surveying important for any sizeable project, ensuring that it begins on a strong foundation, proceeds smoothly, adheres to regulations, and minimises the risk of errors.

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