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CCTV Inspection

Aussie HydroVac Services offer CCTV inspection surveys for testing and evaluating the condition of pipes and drainage systems, eliminating the need for digging and cutting whenever its necessary to check the condition.

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    CCTV Drain Inspection

    Detailed CCTV Drainage Inspections available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

    CCTV inspection is carried out to provide comprehensive reports on obstructions or defects, utilising the latest Wincan software. We can report and record on obstructions or defects in pipes and culverts, assisting with blockages, maintenance, leaks or other problems in inaccessible locations, right across Australia.

    CCTV surveys reach inaccessible areas

    AHS CCTV survey operators are well versed in the use of the most current Wincan software. The technology helps greatly with blockages or other issues located in inaccessible areas.  Some of the options AHS have for deployment are:

    AHS employ many years of experience across multiple sectors of the industrial services space. AHS operators are highly trained and maintain all necessary qualifications and industry know-how, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

    This service also works well in concert with our Hydro Excavation and water jetting services by providing visibility in infrastructure before additional technology is deployed. Thus, CCTV inspections enable our operators to choose the most efficient water jetting and vacuum excavation options, or other industrial services options from our extensive fleet of vehicles.

    CCTV Drain Inspection

    CCTV drain inspection is a highly effective and non-invasive technique used to assess the condition of underground drainage systems. It involves the use of small, waterproof cameras attached to flexible cables, which are inserted into the drainpipes. These cameras transmit real-time video footage to an above-ground monitor, allowing professionals to visually inspect the interior of the drains.

    The advantages of CCTV drain inspection are numerous. It provides a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the drainage system’s condition, identifying issues such as blockages, cracks, leaks, tree root intrusion, and structural damage. This allows for early detection and timely maintenance or repairs, preventing costly and disruptive problems in the future.

    Furthermore, CCTV drain inspection minimises the need for excavation, as it helps locate the exact location of problems without digging up the entire pipe network. This not only saves time and money but also reduces environmental disruption.

    The recorded footage from the inspection serves as a valuable reference for decision-making and can be used as documentation for insurance claims or compliance with regulatory requirements. It also provides peace of mind for property owners, knowing that their drainage systems are in good working condition.

    In summary, CCTV drain inspection assists us to diagnose and maintain drainage systems. It offers precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring the longevity and functionality of underground pipes.

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