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There are many different reasons for requiring information and data pertaining to soil and rock properties. For example, a geotechnical investigation must take place prior to foundations being laid for any building work, as this determines its suitability for any new structure to be built.  AHS geotechnical investigation services are able to provide numerous solutions to investigate subsurface ground conditions as well as sampling and testing to establish materials properties and characteristics.

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Our operators are experts in their field and are fully trained with many years of experience. They have the most advanced equipment and technology at their disposal, which ensures that the highest level of service including accuracy of findings is guaranteed.

The Benefits Of Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical investigation is a systematic process crucial in civil engineering and construction projects, aimed at understanding the physical and mechanical properties of the subsurface soil and rock layers. This comprehensive study provides valuable insights into the geological conditions of a site, enabling engineers and designers to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks associated with the chosen construction methods.

The primary objectives of geotechnical investigation include determining soil composition, analysing its load-bearing capacity, assessing groundwater conditions, and identifying any potential geologic hazards, such as landslides or sinkholes. Engineers employ a range of techniques during geotechnical investigations, including soil sampling, borehole drilling, and laboratory testing to analyse samples for parameters like grain size, moisture content, and shear strength.

One important aspect of geotechnical investigation is its role in foundation design. Understanding the soil’s bearing capacity is essential for designing foundations that can support the loads imposed by structures, ensuring long-term stability and safety.

Geotechnical investigations also play a pivotal role in infrastructure projects, such as bridges, dams, and tunnels. By providing a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions, engineers can optimise construction methods, select appropriate materials, and design structures that withstand the challenges posed by the local geology.

In summary, geotechnical investigations are a fundamental step in the planning and execution of construction projects. It provides critical data that informs engineering decisions, enhances the safety and durability of structures, and ensures the overall success of diverse construction endeavours.

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