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Before any excavation it is essential to find out exactly what lies beneath the surface. Primarily, this is a safety concern, but the results will also determine what type of digging methods to employ in order to excavate and preserve the existing utilities.

AHS operators provide underground cable and pipe location services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and various other areas around Australia, using the latest electronic utility location services equipment. The sourced information is passed on to our clients who can use it as records management, excavation planning, works projects preparations or infrastructure development.

Knowledge of existing underground assets assists with Hydro Excavation, where a range of nozzle choices are available that are designed for high pressure jetting based on the material that’s being excavated, and accurate knowledge of underground utilities allows for careful preservation through precise excavation.

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Service Locating In Depth

Service locating is a critical aspect of construction, excavation, and maintenance projects, aiming to identify and map underground infrastructure to prevent damage and to ensure the safety of workers. Utility locating services play an important role in this process, utilising advanced technologies to locate and mark the position of underground utilities such as gas lines, water pipes, and electrical cables.

Our utility location services employ sophisticated tools and methods, including ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction, and acoustic sensors. These technologies allow our service locators to create accurate maps of subsurface utilities, which helps project planners and construction teams avoid accidental damage during excavation activities.

The use of a pipe and cable locator is a common practice within service locating. This handheld device uses electromagnetic signals to trace the path of metallic pipes and cables beneath the ground. By providing real-time feedback, it assists our technicians in precisely determining the location and depth of utilities, contributing to efficient and safe excavation processes.

Underground cable locating is a specialised subset of service locating that focuses specifically on identifying the position of buried electrical cables or similar. Accurate cable location services are essential to prevent accidental cable damage, which could lead to power outages, electrical hazards, and costly repairs. These services use a combination of electromagnetic and radiofrequency technologies to pinpoint the exact location of underground cables.

Cable location services extend beyond traditional utilities to include telecommunication cables, fibre optics, and other communication infrastructure. The precision provided by these services is crucial in avoiding service disruptions and maintaining the integrity of infrastructure, such as communication networks.

In essence, service locating, encompassing utility locating services, pipe and cable locators, underground cable locating, and cable location services, is indispensable for the safety and efficiency of construction and maintenance projects. The accurate identification of underground infrastructure helps prevent costly damages, enhances workplace safety, and ensures the smooth execution of various projects that involve excavation or ground-disturbing activities.

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