Drone Photography Services

Expert Aerial Drone Photography in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

With recent updates to UAV technology in the last decade, we have seen rise to the popularity in aerial drone services for the purpose of commercial and industrial applications. Now, industry-grade drone technology is affordable enough for businesses to utilise them in new and exciting ways to redefine the scope of their services. Surveying, inspections, mapping and other photography or filming services that ordinarily involved a great deal of time, effort and money, can now be completed at a fraction of the cost by just a single experienced UAV technician.

Aussie HyrdroVac have many years of experience and have worked hard to become a leading name in the industry. From CCTV inspections, to surveying and drone services, our highly qualified team can complete it all to a consistently superior standard. This is just one of the many reasons why more and more individuals and businesses are choosing us to assist in a wide range of applications.

Take to the skies with our first-rate drone technology

We have spared no expense to ensure our drones can perform as promised and exceed our clients’ expectations. From property photography, to large scale industrial surveying, we have the resources and scalable services to meet your individual needs. Our drones are equipped with high resolution cameras that are capable of both still images and videos, depending on your requirements. As we operate with a technician on the ground, our clients can be involved in the process to ensure we’re providing them with exactly what they’re after.

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If you have need of our aerial drone photography services anywhere in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or beyond, we’d be happy to help. Contact us at 1300 HYDROVAC or leave us a message online.