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PUP Investigation – Ipswich motorway2nd June 2015


Principal: TMR QLD

Project Location: Rockea to Darra Corridor of the Ipswich Motorway

Completion Date: June 2015

Project Scope:  The PUP Investigation of existing Utility services for the proposed upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway, from Rocklea to Darra

Challenges:   The PUP investigation focused on the existing Ipswich Motorway Service roads, over a section of approximately 5km in length. The initial stage of cable locating, GPR and pothole location mark outs revealed numerous anomalies with the plans provided. Some issues were Optus telecommunication services that were present in the field but not indicated on the plans and newly installed APA Gas services not shown. Access issues to properties and low lying areas associated with Oxley Creek presented a challenge; additionally the majority of utility pits were full of water.

Equipment Used:   Cappellotto Vacuum Unit | Cap Bora Large Vacuum Unit| Kroll Recycling Unit| Tight Access Vacuum Unit | Excavator| Cable Locating Units

Highlights: AHS were able to work to an agreed solution with the client. The project was able to move forward with Potholing and Strip Trenching being undertaken through both day and night shifts. Large Cappellotto and Kroll Recycling units were used to undertake deep 3 metre pothole and strip trench excavations through very rocky materials. High risk fire ant waste dumping and tracking requirement was completed. All site works were completed by late June and the AHS site cleaned up and rehabilitated. A summary of all site works, detailing utility services identified and utility services configuration were delivered to the satisfaction of the client.

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