The company is committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and the community in which we operate. Through the implementation of the IMS we aim to prevent, minimise or mitigate harmful effects of operations on the environment. The Company strives to continually establish and apply environmentally sound methods of operation in all business areas. The company will achieve its goals of minimising environmental impact by the following actions:

  • Comply with, or exceed, the environmental compliance obligations including legislative requirements relevant to all areas in which Aussie Hydro-Vac Services Pty Ltd operates.
  • Establish processes for procurement, use and disposal of resources.
  • Through training, instruction and monitoring ensure all personnel are aware of their role and responsibility to fulfil and sustain this policy.
  • Facilitate understanding of environmental requirements and implementation of standards among our employees, suppliers and contractors.
  • Value and encourage employee contribution to environmental initiatives.
  • Maintain an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System to manage our environmental obligations and improve performance.
  • Work to protect the environment by preventing pollution and minimising adverse environmental impacts of our activities through the selection and use of appropriate materials, processes, equipment and services.
  • Strive for continual improvement of resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste generation in our operations.
  • Set environmental objectives that are continually monitored and reviewed to assess the environmental performance.
  • Understand and manage environmental risks with the goal of minimising or eliminating these risks.
  • Continually assess risks to be reduced by setting objectives and associated programs.
  • Investigate and implement mutually beneficial programs of environmental management with external stakeholders and customers.
  • Continually improve the environmental management system to enhance Aussie Hydro-Vac Services Pty Ltd environmental performance.


The successful implementation of this Policy Statement requires the participation and commitment of all employees. Adherence to this Policy Statement is a condition of engagement. This policy applies to all Aussie Hydro-Vac Services Pty Ltd business activities, staff and contractors.