Aussie Hydro-Vac Services Pty Ltd is committed to performing operational and service activities in such a manner so as to ensure the health and safety of its employees, those with whom we do business, contractors and the general public. Aussie Hydro-Vac Services Pty Ltd strives to implement and maintain best practice safety systems, and fosters a culture where every individual understands their responsibilities and are committed to ensuring that every task that is undertaken is conducted safely.

Aussie Hydro-Vac Services Pty Ltd policy towards Health and Safety is as follows:

  • The provision and maintenance of a work environment that is without risk to health or safety.
  • The provision and maintenance of safe plant and structures and safe systems of work.
  • The safe use, handling and storage of plant, structures and substances; and the provision of adequate facilities for the welfare of workers at work and in carrying out their duties.
  • The provision of necessary information, training, instruction or supervision to protect from risks to health and safety arising from work carried out, in line with workers duties.
  • Ensure the health of workers and the conditions at the workplace are monitored for the purpose of preventing illness or injury arising from work carried out in line with workers’ duties.
  • To remain compliant with all applicable legislative requirements including Codes of Practice; and with other non-legislative safe work instruments as deemed relevant to our operations.
  • To ensure ongoing review and development of Company policies and procedures for continued compliance; and to communicate these changes to all affected employees.
  • To consult with workers to encourage participation in maintaining Safe Work practices; and to raise awareness of work health and safety issues within the Company.
  • To ensure consistent Safe Work practices and safety standards across all our branches and divisions including contractor management and site visitor requirements.
  • To ensure a process for identification, assessment, mitigation and review of health and safety risks is in place and communicated as required.
  • To set measurable objectives and targets which consider improvement of safety performance and that aim to eliminate work-related injury and illness.
  • To promote a culture of continual improvement by seeking opportunities for consultation to improve our safety performance.
  • To maintain a ‘Fit for Work’ program which aims to ensure the health and safety of workers, the quality of customer service and the quality of production.
  • To maintain a ‘Return to Work’ program which aims to provide support to ill and injured workers by becoming actively involved in their rehabilitation and providing the opportunity to resume duties within the company following work related injuries or illness.
  • To ensure adequate resources are provided to implement Safe Work objectives and to maintain a safe work environment.


The implementation of this Policy Statement requires the participation and commitment of all employees.  Listed below are the key competencies and qualifications that our operators gain through our training program;

  • Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination or Multi Combination Truck Licence
  • Fatigue Management
  • Dial Before You Dig Certified Locators
  • Manual Handling
  • Confined space entry
  • Working Safely at Heights
  • CPR
  • First aid
  • Traffic Management
  • Client Specific WHS Induction Courses