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Cap Bora 3200 Large Vacuum Unit

Utility Locating Services

All AHS vacuum units are DEHP certified to transport regulated waste in NSQ & QLD

Our Large Vacuum Unit has the following specifications and capabilities:- Remote operated vacuum/water pump and boom|Extendable eight inch boom|Bag house filtration for dry waste extraction|Safe air vacuum extraction|Dog trailer with 11000 litre vacuum tanker option|Hose trailer option with 180m of additional vacuum hose|10,000 litre debris capacity|2000 litre water capacity|Vacuum 6500 cfm|Water pressure 3500 psi|Capable of excavating heavy materials|Suitable for Non Destructive Digging|Meets AS1210 specification|Designed for reaching inaccessible places.  With its large capacity, this vehicle is the best choice for heavy Vacuum Excavation/Non Destructive Digging.

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