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Kaiser Recycling Units

Hydro Excavation

All AHS vacuum units are DEHP certified to transport regulated waste in NSQ & QLD

Kaiser Recycling Unit

Our Kaiser Recycling Units have the following specifications and capabilities:  Outstanding filter design separating solids from water | Greatly reduced fuel and water consumption | Ideal system for sewer and drain cleaning with outstanding efficiency | Remote operated vacuum/water pump and boom | 8000 litre debris capacity|150mm (6 inch) Hose size.

Friendly to The Environment

The Kaiser Recycling Unit has the capacity to unblock and clean all sizes of pipes and culverts over large distances with minimal risk of damage.  All debris is completely removed from site with waste water being recycled.  The cost-effective and environmentally-friendly advantages of Drain Cleaning/Culvert Cleaning makes it the preferred method in a variety of contexts.

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