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Kroll Drain Cleaning Unit

Industrial Cleaning Service

All AHS vacuum units are DEHP certified to transport regulated waste in NSQ & QLD

Kroll Drain Cleaning Unit

Aussie Hydrovac Services have a range of exceptional Jet/Vac and recycling combination vehicles that are able to provide efficient, all size drain and culvert cleaning using high pressure jetting and vacuum methods.  The Kroll Drain Cleaning Unit has the following capabilities:- Suitable for Drain Cleaning including large drains from 100mm to 2100mm | Capable of Non Destructive Digging/Vacuum Excavation | Remote operated vacuum/water pump and cassette boom | 150mm (6inch) hose size | 6000 litre debris capacity | 4000 litre water capacity | Jetting pressure 407 litres/minute @180bar | Vacuum 250 cfm | Water pressure 4000 psi | Drain Cleaning Units come equipped with retractable 6/8 inch booms, a wide range of rotating nozzles and root/vegetation cutting blades.  The Kroll Drain Cleaning/Culvert Cleaning and Non Destructive Digging unit is one of the best jet/vac recycling combination vehicles available.

Environmentally Friendly Method

The Kroll Drain Cleaning Unit has the capacity to unblock and clean all sizes of pipes and culverts over large distances with minimal risk of damage.  All debris is completely removed from site with waste water being recycled.  This service can be combined with our CCTV services to provide imagery of drain or pipe blockages prior to clearance, ensuring the job is undertaken with utmost efficiency. The cost-effective and environmentally-friendly advantages of Jet/Vac drain and culvert cleaning makes it the preferred method in a variety of contexts.

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